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Redy is a premium infused CBD seltzer that offers restoration for the mind, body, and mood. Redy is crafted by APPI founders with a desire to solve a problem. As working professionals that strive to live life to the fullest, we endeavored to create a product that could provide energy after a long workday, without the undesirable side effects that alcoholic or energy drinks can often have.   

After extensive research, we decided to devote our efforts to creating a health conscious beverage focused on hydration and restoration. With careful formulation, we crafted a recipe intended to fit into any wellness routine. Born on the heels of the pandemic, it was important to us to create a product that could be enjoyed among friends. As such, we tailored our product to be a social beverage that also promotes physical and mental well-being.

We used classic ingredients known to reduce stress and produce brain chemicals that positively affect the mood. With Redy, you can renew your sense of productivity, relax your mind and body, and restore your overall sense of wellbeing. Consider Redy a remedy for the day, crafted for those with refined tastes.

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 Founders Group Photo

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