How Hemp Helps with Stress Management

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Disclaimer: This article is not meant to be used for medical advice. Please seek medical advice from a doctor to see if CBD is right for you.

What are some effective stress management techniques?

I spent the last month and a half not drinking any alcohol and I’ve learned a valuable lesson about stress management, balance, and sobriety. I learned that some time into this period of sobriety that some substances play a valuable role in stress management and mental health. I write this sober, but on my desk awaits two things: a blueberry acai Redy Beverage and if I’m feeling a little adventurous a delicious gummy named Kanha Nano. Two products I rely on amidst a global pandemic that helps me manage my sanity during this time of insanity. Outside of those products, I have several techniques I use to manage stress.

How to deal with stress

Stress can come in a variety of forms, and truthfully, there are different levels of stress I may never come to understand so I don’t want to trivialize whatever you’re dealing with, but rather share with you what has helped me in the past. 

  1. Finding time to digest what you’re stressing about
  2. Developing a habit for working out on a regular basis
  3. Learning some new skills and hobbies
  4. Turned to hemp and CBD as an alternative to alcohol
  5. Taken some time off to unplug

  • Finding time to digest what you’re stressing about

  • I’ve learned very recently that finding time to figure out what you’re stressed about, digesting that information, and how to approach the situation with a positive attitude can be a great solution in dealing with whatever it is you’re dealing with. Oftentimes, we don’t have the option to avoid what it is we’re dealing with and so we have to re-think the entire situation and see what part we have to play in our own stress. Once you’ve digested it all, handle the situation as you see fit.

  • Developing a habit for working out on a regular basis

  • Long ago I’ve learned when I’m not regularly exercising, I feel a build up of stress. It hits and it hits hard sometimes. It sucks. I even have the tendency to regretfully lash out. I know not everyone loves exercising, but at this point of my life, I often need to find a channel to ease up from a long day of work, from an argument with friends or family, or from feeling burnt out from being stuck in a pandemic. Find whatever form of exercise it is that makes you happy. It could be basketball, golf, soccer, lifting weights, martial arts, or going on a run (my least favorite. Lol). Hone in on whatever it is you enjoy doing and leverage the hell out of it. Set a goal and use that goal to keep you motivated.

    I can go off and tell you there is research that links exercise and mental health. But I understand not everyone wants to spend time, energy, or effort into working out, so I’ve proposed other methods of handling stress as well.

  • Learning some new skills and hobbies

  • In the midst of the pandemic, I had to abandon all my hobbies. I could no longer train Brazilan Jiu Jitsu, I couldn’t go out to the bars, and I had more money than I was accustomed to as a result of not going out to the bar. Anything and everything I used to manage stress.

    I now have a few new hobbies. Bicycling/peloton, golf, and starting this business. In order to balance everything going on in life, it’s nice to be able to dial back and drink Redy..

  • Turned to hemp and CBD as an alternative to alcohol

  • Face it, we all love drinking alcohol, but it’s very unsustainable. I’m going to plug it, but Redy has been a solid solution for not damaging my body while dealing with stress. As much as I love partaking in a head change, sometimes it’s just not worth the damage that we’re putting on the body. Hemp and CBD have been a great relief.

  • Lastly, just find some time to unplug

  • As I put together this blog at 8:15pm, I’m being a bit of a hypocrite, but the reality is sometimes we need to unplug. Go travel, take a day off, or go to the park. Sometimes we can be workaholics and be too deep in the work that we’re doing. Take some time to unplug.

    If you find this interesting, let us know. We need all the feedback we can get. Until next time!

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