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How CBD Drinks Brightened My Mom's Day

Blog Post

It's Christmas day and I'm talking to my co-founder, Lani, about how her mom tried Redy (our CBD beverage) for the first time on Christmas Eve. Lani's mom needed something carbonated that day, so she picked one up and to Lani's surprise, Redy brightened her day. Lani texted me a video, "My mom tried Redy for the first time. Can you tell? 😂"

She sent me this video

As a founder and as a Redy consumer, I love everything about our drink. I've loved the taste, I love how we produced a low calorie drink, and I love the way it makes me feel. But I always tell myself there's probably some founder bias in the way I feel about the beverage my team and I produced, so when we see it makes people feel this way, it's exciting! 

What were her highlights of drinking our CBD beverages?

Lani's mom is usually more serious. She's a "get shit done" person, but when she drank Redy it brightened her day and brought a lightheartedness to their Christmas Eve. Here are the highlights on how it made her feel (Note, we're not claiming Redy can do any of this, this is anecdotal to how it made Lani's mom feel. CBD and B12 have different effects on different people, so please do your own research on what CBD does):

  • She had indigestion and it took away her feelings of discomfort
  • She was anxious about work and the holiday. Drinking Redy made her feel relaxed
  • She felt it cleared her head
  • She felt very relaxed and happy during family dinner
  • She didn't have her usual headache in the morning

I don't know if Redy can make you feel like this, but what I do know is when Lani's mom drank Redy, that was what occurred afterward. We're ecstatic and hope this trend continues. 

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